Zazan Alkaline Water Filter

I’m often asked in clinic which water filters I recommend.

Due to global contamination of ground water and municipal chemical water treatment, we are in need of healthy alternatives. Basic water filters, distilled water, reverse osmosis, water ionisers and bottled water – while arguably clean, do nothing to restore water’s original natural healthy life sustaining state.

It’s taken me a while but I’ve found my absolute favourite filter that ticks all the boxes for me.

  • Alkaline- ideal for health, detox and longevity
  • Mineralised- essential for optimum hydration
  • Cleanses- helps cells to release toxic waste
  • Nourishes- with a balanced range of essential minerals
  • Hydrates- immediately at a cellular level
  • Energises- full of healthy electrolytes for vitality
  • Antioxidant- helps eliminate free radicals
  • Excellent Quality- clean, fresh, affordable… tastes great!

Zazen filters have been designed specifcally for Australian and New Zealand water supplies. The Alkaline Water system offers you exceptional quality for optimum hydration and health in harmony with the body’s modern day water and health needs.

Water has long been used for its curative power and this was among the earliest “healing” practices of mankind. Drinking or bathing in springs, streams or pools for therapeutic purposes predates recorded history. In various cultures water has been touted for its healing powers attributed to mineral properties, thermal effects and even supposed supernatural qualities. Legendary “fountains of youth” and reputed miraculous healing shrines like those in Lourdes, France are one example.

The Zazen filter is an alkaline 10 Stage Process designed to replicate the same transformation it undergoes in nature as it bubbles and cascades over mineral rocks in pristine mountain streams and as it gushes from underground springs.

STAGE 1 – Ceramic Filter

• Constructed of highly compressed and red Diatomaceous earth with a pore size 0.2-0.5 micron.
• Prefilters; rust, sediments and organic matter.
• Stops bacteria, cysts, parasites and hazardous micro-organisms.

STAGE 2 – Silver Activated Carbon

• High quality silver activated carbon inhibits bacteria growth in filter.
• Reduces chlorine, herbicides & pesticides, industrial poisons & MTBE’s, Trihalomethanes (THM’s), organic chemicals, odours and particulates.
• A purifying surface area of over 68 acres!

STAGE 3 – Fluoride Reduction

• Designed for the effective filtration and reduction of fluoride and arsenic.

STAGE 4 – Activated Zeolite

• Inhibits bacteria and traps heavy metals such as lead, aluminium, nickel, cadmium and mercury.
• Removes detergents, ammonium, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.

STAGE 5, 6 and 7 – Bio-Ceramic Pi and FIR Energy Balls + Silica Sand

• Constructed from highly compressed diatomaceous earth and mineral oxides.
• Emits beneficial Far-infrared to energise the water and Pi energy to enhance bioavailability.
• Provides additional filtration to balance pH and neutralises acidic components in tap water.
• “Polishes” the water for brilliant clarity and sparkle.
• Infuses natural silica – renowned for strengthening collagen for radiant hair and nails.

STAGE 8 – Natural Mineral Stones (1kg box)

• Contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, silicon and other trace minerals
*WHO – the World Health Organisation recommends drinking water containing all these minerals.
• Helps balance, fortify and assist with pH and increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.
• Zazen Mineral Stones are mined from pristine deposits 300 + metres below the earth’s surface
without damage to the environment.

STAGE 9 – Silver Stones Antibacterial Protection (500g box)

• Silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent which by design keeps the lower tank clean and maintenance free.
• The Zazen Silver Stones naturally preserve the freshness of the water in the zazen tank through this anti-bacterial effect – ensuring the best quality water is ready to drink all day, every day.

Water that is stagnant loses much of its life sustaining properties; the mineral stones combined with the silver stones in the bottom tank ensure the water is kept in a balanced healthy state.

STAGE 10 – Magnetic Energy 1200 Gauss Tap

• In this fnal stage we surround the water with magnetic energy – just as spring water is exposed to the earth’s magnetic energy.
• Restructures – magnetising water creates a free flowing hexagonal structure and also breaks down the size of water clusters for faster, immediate cellular hydration.
• As the water tumbles through the magnetic tap oxygen is increased (a natural anti-oxidant).